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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

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Join the Effort to Promote Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive Sector.

Welcome to Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative


Sierra Leone joined the EITI to promote transparency and accountability in the management of its minerals and oil/gas sectors and later established the SLEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group comprising government ministries, mining companies and civil society representatives to oversee the SLEITI process.

SLEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG)

The SLEITI MSG is responsible for developing policies and implements programmes and activities in line with SLEITI's Mandate. The Group is made up of representatives from government Ministries, Departments and Agencies; civil society organisations under the umbrella of the National Advocacy Coalition on Extractives (NACE), the Media, and Mining Companies. 

SLEITI Secretariat 

The Secretariat is responsible to coordinate the day to day operations of the SLEITI and ensures that the decisions agreed at meetings are implemented.

SLEITI workplan (Draft- 2016-2018)

SLEITI Workplan (2017-2019)

Comprehensive two year work plan to guide the implementation of SLEITI activities endorsed by the MSG.

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SLEITI Report - 2014

Comprehensive EITI Reports that Include Full Government Disclosure of Extractive Industry Revenues etc.

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EITI value chain analysis Sierra Leone

Annual Progress Report - 2016 

The annual progress report critically acess progress made against the EITI requirement and at the same time provides…

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SLEITI's Primary Objective

SLEITI's overarching objective is to promote good governance in the management of our natural resources by ensuring transparency and accountability in the collection and utilisation of revenues from the extractive sector.

Sierra Leone joined the EITI to promote transparency and accountability in the management of its minerals and oil/gas sector and later established the SLEITI Multi Stakeholder Group comprising government, mining companies and civil society representatives to oversea the SLEITI Process.

New EITI 2016 Standard

The EITI Board Chair John Fridrik Reinfeldt  meet President Ernest Bia Koroma,


MDAs Received Training

EITI International Secretariat has concluded a two Beneficial Ownership and report...


Mission Statement

SLEITI seeks to build a culture of corporate accountability and transparency in the management of natural resources by empowerin citizens to hold government to account for thhe stewardship of recvenues received from the extractive sector.


Vision Statement

To ensure that the natural resource wealth becomes an engine for sustainable economic growth and poverty eradication in Sierra Leone through transparent, accountable and effective management of revenues generated and utilised for the benefit and satisfaction of all Sierra Leoneans.


SLEITI Summary data

Data Fact Blocks

Million USD Revenues Disclosed in EITI Reports
Number of Companies Reporting

HE Dr Ernest Bai Koroma

"Becoming EITI compliant is one of the ways of ensuring greater transparency and improved governance of the sector...We are proud to engage with the EITI process that requires reporting on revenue streams from the extractives sector..” 

GoSL Online Repository

This system contains data on all Mineral Rights, Export Licenses and related Payments managed by the National Minerals Agency, and all Forestry licenses issued by the Forestry Department in Freetown.

SLEITI Secretariat

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