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Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Sierra Leone joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in 2006 to promote transparency and accountability in the management of its mineral resources and later established the SLEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) to oversee implementation of the process.

The MSG is the governing body of the EITI in Sierra Leone with the Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh serving as the Champion, and the Minister of State in the Office of the Vice President Frances Piagie Alghali as the group’s Chair. SLEITI has published ten EITI reports covering 2006 – 2019 fiscal years and revealing payments made to government by mining companies and corresponding revenues received from the extractive companies. The scope of SLEITI reporting currently includes the minerals and oil/gas sectors.

Upcoming SLEITI Activities
  • Nationwide Dissemination of SLEITI 2017 and 2018 Reports
  • Engagement with CSOs on the 2018 validation corrective actions
  • 2019 EITI Reporting
Mission Statement
SLEITI seeks to build a culture of corporate accountability and transparency in the management of our natural resources by empowering citizens to hold government to account for the stewardship of reveues received from the extractive sector.
Vision Statement
To ensure that the natural resource wealth becomes an engine for sustainable economic growth and poverty eradication in Sierra Leone through transparent, accountable and effective management of revenues generated and utilised for the benefit and satisfaction of all Sierra Leoneans.
Primary Objectives
SLEITI’s overarching objective is to promote good governance in the management of our natural resources by ensuring transparency and accountability in the collection and utilisation of revenues from the extractive sector.
SLEITI Secretariat
The Secretariat is responsible to coordinate the day to day operations of the SLEITI and ensures that the decisions agreed at meetings are implemented. The National Coordinator is Head of Secretariat and serves as Secretary to the MSG.

Important Update

Sierra Leone commenced Validation in July 2018 to assess the countries compliance with the 2016 EITI requirement. The EITI Board at its 43rd meeting held during the 8th EITI Global Conference in Paris, France agreed that Sierra Leone had made meaningful progress in implementing the EITI Standard. This meant that the country had complied largely with majority of the EITI requirements.

As Validation promotes dialogue and learning at the country level, the EITI Board established 14 corrective actions, at the end of the Validation exercise, to be addressed for improved governance of the sector. Sierra Leone will commence its second Validation on 17 December 2020 to assess the progress made in addressing the 14 corrective actions.

Contributions by revenue streams 2017
Contributions by revenue Streams 2018
Comparison of various revenue streams in 2017 and 2018

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