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Sponsors & Partners

List of SLEITI sponsors and partners

List of SLEITI

Sponsors and Partners

Government of Sierra Leone: The EITI is a government led initiative. Since signing up in 2006, the Government of Sierra Leone continues to provide annual subvention to run the SLEITI Secretariat in addition to providing the necessary political will for EITI implementation in Sierra Leone.
World Bank
African Development Bank
Government of Sierra Leone
African Development Bank: The Bank, through IPAU under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development provides funding to SLEITI to undertake Report Production, Stakeholder Consultations and report dissemination.

GIZ:  GIZ supports several institutions in Sierra Leone including the SLEITI. The support covers funding EITI report production, facilitate SLEITI participation at EITI related meetings and workshops, and among others.

World Bank Group
: Following the launched of the EITI, a multi-trust fund was established to support the implementation of the process. Since signing up in 2006, Sierra Leone EITI From time to time received funding from the Group to produce the annual EITI report. SLEITI continues to enjoy cordial relationship with the World Bank Group.  


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